Friday 4 June 2010

1073 / 139 / 38

sources: fashiongonerogue, the fashion spot, noirfacade, anywho. The lovely girl on the third last photo is from 10th muse.

Nope guys, haven't messed up the date. 1073 is the current number of photo files in my 'fashion' folder on my iMac. Though I haven't had the computer for more than a half year it's filled up quickly, and today it crossed 1000 :) So here you get some of the files from my folder served right here on the blog ;) I have 139 wonderful readers following the blog via Google today, thank you so much! Also to add to this number are the 38 fantastic readers via bloglovin also a great thanks to you! It means so much to me to have support around this blog.
So here's a quick celebrate with some photos before I say nightie and sleep like a bear (I sound like one too when I sleep!)..

Just a quick question to you if you can help me with some advice; how do you get that great messy hair Bambi Northwood has on photo 10 and 11? Hope you're all happy and healthy!



  1. lovley images!

  2. don't wash it, i know that sounds a little gross but it's useful for styling, use loads of hairspray and if it's looking a bit greasy then use some talc or dry shampoo on your parting. maybe backcomb it a little but don't do it too much. i've also tried using a little bit of styling wax, that's good too, especially if you have flat hair

    hope this helped! :)

  3. oh i forgot! wahtever you do, DON'T brush it!

  4. So cool! Fed inspiration :)

  5. Hey.. Nice blog

    Love the "diamond" sunglasses pict with the red lips and cigarette!
    -belgian fashionista-

  6. Great "Editorial"... it definitely embodies all the best of your blog

  7. ooh my computer is full of pictures too! it`s truly an addiction. I love all this photos, some of them are already in my files!



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