Friday 4 June 2010


wearing: zara heels, emilio cavallini leggins, Bik Bok shirt, Ray Ban glasses.

Well, well, well, would you look at that! The girl who, as late as yesterday, said that she was taking a short break from look posting turns up with a look today? No, couldn't be...
I know, I know - haha, I'm a contradiction in it self! And extremely moody obviously to post a look in my look "break". Never mind - everything is back to normal and I'm filled up with new energy to take photos for the blog! By the way, speaking of breaks and all, I'm just heading down to Germany for the weekend to visit my grandmother and some other family. Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Just a quick question, is the second photo also grey on your screen?

This look has been posted to lookbook, here's the link to the look.

Lots of love,


  1. Love it pretty lady :)

    Love the new header too.

  2. Great you come back! Love your leggings! So distinct! :)

  3. wow, amazing photos! beautiful

    - Maria, from L.A.

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  4. Great photos, colors and posing.
    I love your blue lips, leggings and how experimental you are in your way of dressing and styling yourself.

    xoxo, Gina.
    I humbly ask you to take a look at my blog (:

  5. wow, who would've thought blue lipstick could look so cool!

    love your posing :) xox

  6. Love the tights that you are wearing!

  7. Loving the blue lips! So cool :)

  8. Blue lips! Futuristic and unique and oh so many other things. I like :)

    xx Cristina

  9. i love your legging and of course your blue lips, looks gorgeous !

  10. SUPER fede billeder! Er vild med de blå læber:)


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