Sunday 13 June 2010

Fashion bzr

Images taken by me. All usage of these images has to be linked directly back to this site.

Here are the pictures from the Fashion bazar as promised! The dress and the skirt you see are from the brand Cave Cane by the designer Veronica. Had a good talk with her, she is a wonderful person. Met two sweet girls from China with lovely outfits ;)
Hope you're all doing great!

Lots of love,


  1. hej Mikaela,
    it's Luyi, the blue dress in ur pic :P
    took few pics from here and posted in my Chinese blog with ur link in it, hope u don't mind XD
    and i LOVE ur blog SO much! i'm gonna subscrib to it :D
    all my best

  2. I love your blog its my first time here - first thing for everything http://polliani,

  3. That looks so fun and exiting! (:

  4. The first photo is amazing! Love your blog :)



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