Saturday 12 June 2010

Wicked Waacking - Werkaholics

I've just come back from the Fashion Bazar at First Hotel with an experience I hadn't expected to get home. There was a small bazar, photographers/designers, fashion shows; but after the fashion show with the models as we know them a group of six people formed a circle. Unable to tell what was going to happen, the DJ suddenly put another record on, and these people started dancing - amazingly! These unique people call themselves Werkaholics (inspired by waacking and voguing) lead by a girl with a vibrant personality called Eva Schou. They're dance style is so unique that you can't put a label on it except: Werkaholics. I'm a fan for sure! Saying that I'm amazed or inspired would only be a vague expression to how I really feel about this fantastic show! It was FANTASTIC - and I'm not exaggerating it really really was! And by the way they were all fashionable I must say. Check out their facebook page, and see if they can bring as big a smile on your faces as on mine!

I will post more images from tonight, but this couldn't wait till tomorrow!

xx, Mikaela


  1. wow! they definitely werked that! the third picture is my fave:)

    xx raez

  2. I love the images, very 80's.
    xoxo. Angie


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