Monday 28 June 2010

New earrings

Hi everyone,

the first photo of me here in a long time (sorry that I'm not smiling). Must say that it's not the best day for me to shoot but despite complications I got around to it. You see, my boyfriend just left to go to Mexico and stay for a month. I'm very happy for him, but it was difficult for me to say goodbye. My eyes have been swelled the whole day. Anyway - as lovely as he is, he gave me these beautiful beautiful earrings just a couple of days before he left and I am so happy for them! He saw me drooling over them at a store a while ago and it's just typically him giving me such a lovely surprise! I love him so much. So so much.



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  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! Those earrings are wonderful!

    <3 Kelly

  3. the color of the earrings are stunning!


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