Tuesday 7 June 2011


Wearing: Italian vintage shirt, H&M skirt, Pieces vest, Asos handcuff.

5 exams done, 3 to go! Within a week I will only have one left and now there are only 2 weeks till graduation! Watching How I Met Your Mother (my friend Emilie got me hooked) way too much these days when I'm totally blown out from studying. Roskilde Festival is coming up and every day I get more and more excited to go. Summer's around the corner!!

BTW! Thank you always for your lovely comments! I have heard, that some of you would like to know how I edit my photos. It's actually a longer process through photoshop, but if you are interested, I'll try to make a tutorial, but it won't be while I'm studying for my exams. Also, many of you would like to know how the hair gets all curly with the BB styling creme - I'll be sure to make a tutorial on that as soon as possible. :-)

Lots of love,



  1. How I Met Your Mother is AWESOME!!

  2. omg loveee the outfit! absolutely gorgeous i love blue and black and that cuff is really cool! xxxxx

  3. That handcuff makes your outfit so special and chic, I love it!^^

  4. super super!! :))

  5. Super sej blog du har dig her! Jeg er helt vildt med din stil og ja hele din blog. Keep up the good working!

    xx - Juliane M.

    Julianemariesblog.blogspot, tjek min blog så er du sød.

  6. Great!! I'm really wondering :-)

    Good luck for the exams!!

    xoxo Michaela

  7. Super godt med blokindlæg om hvordan du redigererer billeder og kreerer ditte flotte hår! Indlæg om hvilke makeup-produkter du anvender ville også være super fedt ;)
    Tillykke med den snart kommende hue, jeg bliver også selv student om 2 uger og skal også på roskilde, og jeg kan heller ikke vente, hurra!! :-)

  8. Your style is amazing and your are so beautiful.
    Sending my bloglove from all the way here in Australia.


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  10. Oh, I love your pictures ! They are beautiful and your style too

  11. Hold da op et flot sæt tøj!
    og du er forresten virkeligt køn :)


  12. I love that skirt. I should buy some like that.

  13. Such a great look ! Love everything.



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