Thursday 9 June 2011

Fashion is being Bold

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Graduation is moving closer and closer. I'm buried in my studies, but I can't wait! In two small weeks I'll have graduated and be happier that a bird with a french fry! I'll be free to pursue a career in fashion and design as I've always wanted. One step at the time.

Dimmissionen rykker tættere og tættere på. Jeg sidder lige nu helt fordybet i mine studier, men inden længe vil jeg være en hue rigere (bare rolig, jeg har regnet alt ud - det KAN ikke gå galt!) og være gladere end en måge med en pomfrit. 11 dage igen!




  1. Dejlig inspiration. Jeg har det ligesom dig, har også lige under 2 uger til at jeg får huen, det bliver en dejlig tid!


  2. good inspiration!:)

  3. Good look in your exams! I gratuated last week! :) But I have to study today, I finish tomorrow "selectivo" (the exams that Spanish have to do to go to the university, I don't know if you have to do something like this).

    I like your post, the first and the fifth photos are very cute :)

  4. dejligt med nogle gode inspirationsbilleder! fed blog, btw. x


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