Monday 1 August 2011

In Memoirs

I almost never write about music on this blog, even though it's one of my primary hobbies (oh well, I wouldn't say never - there's those dancing feet and that ukulele of mine, which have appeared on the blog). I'll admit it - I'm terrible at finding new music and new bands! Lucky for a blind mouse like me, I'm surrounded by lovely people, equally as much into music as I am, who discover fantastic music and shares it with me. This time it was my lovely cousin, Sofie, who made me aware of the danish band In Memoirs. They put some free downloads on their facebook, which I strongly advise you (if you like it) to download!! I mean - what's better than really great stuff - for free??
They are going to give another free download to all of us drooling (who, me??) mugglers when their facebook reaches 900 likes. I liked as soon as I heard - you can do it here. But I love music like this - it's sort of Bon Iver-ish but with more rhythm and lovely guitar-strums. Tell me what you think :)

Min skønne kusine, Sofie, opdagede dette skønne band In Memoirs. Skynd jer at tage et lyt! Det er lækkert indie musik med bløde rytmer og lækre skævheder på guitaren. Man kan gratis downloade et par numre inde på deres facebook side - så snart de er oppe på 900 likes, er der en mere goodie til os! :)



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