Wednesday 28 September 2011

Touch of Bronze

wearing: MTWTFSS Weekday Sweater, H&M skirt, Sneaky fox stockings, Vagabond shoes, Neye bag. Photos by Katarina.

How amazing is it, that we've passed 700 readers through google?!! I'm so, so excited!! I feel like celebrating, but I have no idea how. I had pancakes for dinner, and for now that will do. :) An outfit from the other day, when I went out with the girls to a flea market in town. I've had this metallic skirt for ages, but not quite known how to style it. This sweater completed it for me. I hope you are happy and well!
Ih, hvor er jeg bare glad lige nu! Bloggen har passeret de 700 læsere via google friendconnect!! Jeg får helt lyst til at fejre, men kan ikke komme i tanke om hvordan. Jeg fik pandekager til aftensmad, så det må række for nu. :) Her er et outfit fra forleden dag, da jeg mødtes med de andre blogger piger til loppemarked i byen. Håber I har det skønt!



  1. I want! That skirt is simply amazing! ♥

    XO, Imke

  2. Smuk smuk smuk !

    Og skøn nederdel !

    Tjek i øvrigt min giveaway :)

  3. TILLYKKE BABE! You're shooting for the stars :*

  4. stort tillykke med de mange læsere - det er bare dejligt! Hvor er det en fin nederdel du har! vildt at den er fra h&m - de er virkelig begyndet at lave nogle gode ting :)

    knus, MArie fra

  5. Great outfit, I love the great sweater + bronze skirt !

  6. soooooo amazing! I love this skirt and am so sad that there has never even been a single one in the store in ratisbonn ;)
    beautiful photos , dear!

  7. Congratulations, your blog deserves it :)
    This outfit is beautiful as always. Loooove the bronze skirt <3


  8. Love everything! The jumper looks great with this skirt :)

  9. pretty skirt.

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

    Please follow me if you're not already, I'd love to get more new folowers. I'll follow you back :)

  10. I love this outfit. It looks comfy yet stylish!

  11. love your skirt! is it still in the shops??

    january, x

  12. hey, dejlig blog! hvad hedder dine sko?? :-) hvis de altså har et navn.. eller måske nummer.


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