Tuesday 31 January 2017



I love how we are all made up of contrasts, however external or internal these may be. I remember the first time this thought first came to my mind. I was 15 and we had just moved from rural countryside Denmark into Copenhagen - however small it may seem in comparison to the giant cities around the world, compared to the village I came from that housed 2000 people in total, it was the big city. On the first day of starting a new school, I met Emilie. I'd been introduced to everyone else that day, but Emilie arrived halfway in, and I had thereby met the final member of my class. Stunning blonde girl, well dressed and well accessorised (anyone who masters that one, gets a medal in my book). Now you may be thinking girl next door, but she was and continues to be so much more than that. 

In the beginning we had a My Fair Lady relationship, and she Higgins'ed me right into the ways of the capital, resulting in the way I speak Danish now. Bonding over avocado on my kitchen floor, I discovered how many contrasts this girl was made up of. Looks like a pretty girl, beats the guys in gaming. Knows about every Beatles and Queen song, yet listened to all spectrums of rock. Well spoken and intelligent, yet I know no one who can pull a silly card as this one. We have an onion incident. Nachos incidents (the plurality of this should be amplified). Photobombed several people's photos with our prrrty faces, and speaking of face, she was there post my jaw-surgery with my favourite no-chew dessert, not caring much about the drooling hamster I'd morphed into.

I want you to look for the flamingo in the next photo. Not a common sight in the London scene as much as Californian swimming pools, but nevertheless he's more than perfect, breaking the idea of norms in what you'd spot in a Marylebone window. This is going to come off as corny, and if I ever write a book, this will not make its way into it, but in life: don't be afraid to be all that you are - be the flamingo. Please.





  1. In love with this wonderful blouse!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Amazing look!


  3. Beautiful woman!!!


  4. Emilie sounds lovely, loved reading about your friendship! =)

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  5. Yes! I love that - 'be a flamingo' xxx

  6. I love your outfit! And the story you told was so hard to stop read it, I must have read it 1000th of times! <3
    Kinga xx

  7. nice boots, great style, best wishes!

    1950s menswear

  8. Terimakasih atas sharig ilmu dan pengetahuannya. Semoga selalu menjadi manfaat bagi semuannya. Salam sukses selalu. Amin


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