Monday 22 October 2018


created for SHISEIDO
assistant GIULIA GRECO

Since the first time I put my teeth into pasta, I had a pretty solid hunch that souls were real. It didn't take much convincing or proof, and like the invisible effects on the tides, I knew it was present and I knew it was an entity to care for. Exercising a high level of self-care as a ritual is my way of maintaining that, through meditation on a spiritual, soul-nurturing level, and on the physical side exercising with a routine that works into anything but a predictable schedule, surrounding myself with good people and not least carrying out a mindful skincare routine mornings and evenings. It's one of my favourite times a day, and being a fan of Shiseido's approach to innovative skincare for a long time (they're also the makers of my favourite foundation, the Syncro Skin Glow), I was eager to collaborate and partake in their #StrongSouls campaign championing their serum Ulimune. They had me at Power Infusing, and it's a real treat for its hydrating and fortifying qualities that strengthens the skin from within making it healthier and building up your natural resilience against pollution.


In collaboration with Shiseido.


  1. Busy Girl, but a whole month between posts !
    The first shot is so feminine, but the pleated top, those pants, the white on burgundy, your figure, that pose ... your kung fu is strong
    ps. All your friends are such great photographers !
    And is there a windup Shiseido story coming to Instagram that you could add/turn into a montage of the series to add here ?


  3. how chic is that shirt

  4. Wow, I've been out of the blogging game for three years and I still follow you on Instagram but oh my god, I remember now why I loved your blog in the first place! Will definitely be keeping up to date with your posts. You look gorgeous and love these photos :)

    In Retrospect

    1. We go way back, don't we! So great to see you here, are you still blogging? Would love to hear what you're up to!

  5. You look gorgeous as always~ Love that red trousers.
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