Monday 10 December 2018




Admitted. The blog has been a tad bit quiet lately - an un-haunted but indeed empty house with a solitary echo to it. The excuse is a never ending to-do list, a sleep-deprived schedule that requires attention from every state of awareness (and I am not a multi-tasker) and alas the worst one I hear my mind say: "keep up with social media". If I can stare at Instagram, with a hard drive full of back-logged content and still freeze, imagine a website. I say that, and then again, a blog makes so much more sense to me. Perhaps because I was here, before we were all called bloggers, then content creators and now to my personal favourite (please catch the irony) influencers. The word leaves a slippery taste in my mouth, and yet there is so much pressure to create, not only from a place of personal creativity and exploration, but for performance. Truthfully, I can't speak for others, but that emotion kills creativity for me. I'm backing out of it again. Divorcing that state of creativity-crush, and diving into things that previously nourished my creative process - playing music, drawing, meditating. 

What were we talking about again? That's right, Paris! As with many others, Paris is a place with endless inspiration on tap. The times I will pick up Parisian VOGUE and flick through, imagining I understand the words, admiring how they display them. Curly typography juxtaposed block letters and casual editorials displaying an air of glam that can only be found in the peaks of fashion's history and still remaining geniously contemporary. Beautiful. I can't say I always feel my best when I'm here, perhaps it's because I always travel alone here, and I end up spending my nights not dancing in the streets of Paris, but listening to CNN editing the better half of the day. The fault to this is only too little time in too beautiful a city.

Until next time.


jacket by JIGSAW

blazer VINTAGE
silk shirt by GESTUZ

medallion by MISSOMA
long necklace by MARIA BLACK
earrings by TUTTI & CO



  1. "a hard drive full of back-logged content ..." 😾 !
    please tell me You ARE working on a Music Video, and all is forgiven 😂

  2. Hi Sarah! I was looking forward to seeing a new post popping up on my Feedly timeline for so long!

    Please don't ever give up on your blog. Instagram may stop existing in the future, but YOUR brand, YOUR blog will not -- if you don't let it.
    You have some many people that are always looking forward to reading more than just a picture caption. And you write so well. Your words connect, and you're always able to tell a story over your pictures.

    keep going <3
    Lots of love!

    1. Hi Bruna! Thank you so much for your incredible comment, it honestly lifts me up so much!

      I'm definitely making a resolution of 2019 to be more focused on the blog. Creating a blogpost as compared to a social media post is about 1000 times more rewarding for me to do, but the time that goes into it, has been harder and harder to obtain. With your words and a bit of quiet time over the holidays, I feel much more fuelled up and ready to take it on.

      Thanks so much for taking the time <3
      Lots of love

  3. Can't wait to see your posts this year. Happy New Year, wish you a great year full of happiness.


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